Partner program

More than 20 years ago, several tax consultants joined forces to establish the TREUHAND-UNION GROUP. Today about 50 tax consultants, thereof 16 auditors, 17 aspirants and 17 accountants, more than 237 employees in 21 firms across Austria advice over 7000 clients within a network of branches and partners, which constitutes a dynamic and nationwide unit.

Partner Program

We invite you to join us as a partner. For a monthly membership fee you will be granted access to:

Flat rate benefits

(extensive experience exchange among all TU-Offices)

  • Information database and archive system (similar to RDB with search function)
  • TU-Discussion Board
  • TU-Library with default templates
  • Newsletters to clients

(solutions to individual issues)

  • Tax & Law
  • Office organization
  • Payroll accounting
  • Social security
  • Accounting & Audit
  • Computing

(recognized professional training)

  • Tax debates
  • Specialist lectures
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Auditing

TU-wikiwuf and topics

  • Tax & Law
  • Office organization
  • Payroll accounting
  • Social security
  • Accounting
  • Auditing


  • Treuhand-Union journal (printing costs proportionate to circulation)
  • Seminar materials from partners
  • International contacts through Treuhand Union Nexia membership
  • Treuhand-Union advertising materials (costs of production proportionate to circulation)
  • Registration and listing on the Treuhand-Union Website
  • Joint marketing campaigns
  • Comparison of performances and fees

Services subjected to a fee

  • RDB – data base
  • Lexi Nexis data base
  • Own firm homepage within the Treuhand-Union Website
  • Exchange of advice and information concerning specific issues with client protection
  • Support in criminal proceedings involving fiscal offence
  • Appeal proceedings
  • Organizational consulting
  • Settlement of statutory audits with client protection
  • Employee trainings