online calculator

Gross-net calculator
Gross-net calculator with special payments and employer’s levy.

Incidental wage costs
Calculator for incidental wage costs for each province, worker and employee, hourly or monthly wage.

Income tax
Income tax calculator with or without single earners/parent deduction.

Tax on wages
Income tax calculator with or without single earner(parent) allowance (AvAb).

Land value calculator (external calculator)
Land value calculator for the calculation of the land value according to § 4 (1) GrEstG in accordance with the standard value model § 2 land value regulation.

Loan calculator (external calculator)
A simple loan calculator that measures credit periods and interest level, repayment rate as well as final redemption on the basis of the credit amount.

Calculator for contributions to the Social Security Institution (SVA-Contributions) (external calculator)
This calculator will help you to measure your final contribution to the SVA-compulsory insurance.

Calculation of expected retirement (external calculator)
Here you can calculate the earliest possible date of retirement.

Index calculator/threshold calculator (external calculator)
With the help of this calculator you can measure index increase, e.g. for rental increase.


Aviso registration [WWW]
Aviso registration

Billing of travel expenses – domestic [PDF]
Form for the billing of domestic TRAVEL EXPENSES of employees.

Billing of travel expenses – abroad [PDF]

Holiday index 2016 [Excel]
Example of an annual holiday index for employees.

Forms from the Federal Ministry of Finance
On the website of the Federal Ministry of Finance you will find the various forms from the tax office (tax returns, turnover tax advance return, commuting allowance, etc.)

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