With 21 offices throughout Austria and established worldwide cooperations, The TREUHAND-UNION group provides you with the best possible professional services in relation to tax questions and other issues. In this capacity, our greatest strength and most important concern is the maintenance of client contact.

tax advice

"The one who has the obligation to pay taxed, also hast he right to save taxes!"

At all stages of your business operations, from the foundation, business acquisition or corporate transformation, to the change of generations, taxes become ever increasingly important and should not be underestimated. We help you to expand your business activities with the optimal use of law and tax advantages. We offer standard services such as the preparation of your annual fiscal statements, tax returns, the representation at the tax office and more, but we also take on tasks like the coordination of company expansions within Austria and abroad.

Reliable consultation is important and interesting also for employees in the areas of middle and higher corporate management. In consideration of the current and future legislation, we develop customized models for your social security and tax optimization.

  • Annual fiscal statement
  • Tax return
  • Representation at the tax office
  • Company start-up or corporate transformation
  • National and international tax management
  • Consultation for private individuals

On request, we also offer service packages tailored especially for your business.


With our independent NEXIA TU Wirtschaftsprüfung GmbH and 5 offices, the TREUHAND UNION GROUP offers the conduct of voluntary, as well as statutory audits in the whole of Austria.

Being modern-day auditors, we do not only target the lawful and proper proceeding of accounting. Within the realm of our risk-oriented audit approach, we are also interested in the economic position of your business, eventual risks and its future performance.

As auditors of numerous medium-sized businesses we know what your accounting system can and should do and we always bear in mind the added value for your business.

Besides many business and industrial companies, we also undertake audits on renowned NGOs & associations, for whom we carry out audits of the annual fiscal statements, accounting controls, audits in order to obtain the Donation Seal of Quality and to be listed among the beneficiaries receiving donations.

When restructuring your company in terms of mergers, demergers etc., audits may be required, which we perform as well.

  • Annual audits
  • Formation audits
  • Merger or demerger audits
  • Audits of associations
  • Beneficiary of donations/contributions-audits in order to obtain the benefits
  • Donation Seal of Quality
  • Audits according to the Security Supervision Act (WAG)

business consultancy

We are placing an emphasis on consultancy, planning, implementation and further ongoing consultancy in consideration of economic aspect with a practical orientation. It is our goal to develop an individual overall concept for your business which covers all the areas important to you, such as loan management, project financing, risk management, accounting, IT organization etc. On request, we will also take care of the implementation by experts of our choice. Furthermore, we are happy to be at your disposal for ongoing investigations on realization potential and profitability analysis.

  • Business analysis
  • Industry comparison
  • Development planning
  • Business acquisition and sale
  • Restructuring and mergers
  • Reorganization consulting
  • Quality assurance
  • Organizational and IT consulting
  • Financing
  • Budget planning
  • Controlling, Variance analysis
  • Cost accounting
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Business consultancy
  • Seminars and professional training courses

start-up entrepreneurs

Successful businesses set their course already in the start-up phase. A sound preparation is the key to success. This is the point where numerous important questions arise that have to be addressed. An in-depth market analysis and the elaboration of a business plan are indispensible for the formation of an enterprise.

A professional business plan is necessary not only for the future of a successful business, but it is also the foundation for discussions with the banks, favourable credit conditions and lucrative funding.

It is important to remember that, with the help of the New Business Support Foundation Act (Neugründungsförderungsgesetzt, NEUFÖG), start-up entrepreneurs may claim special benefits (incidental wage costs, stamp duties or federal administrative fees etc.). A timely requested confirmation from the chamber of commerce regarding the start-up establishes the formal basis for such benefits. For significant investments, start-up entrepreneurs may receive considerable financial contributions – however, all applications for funding must be submitted before the beginning of the investment. Delayed submissions result in the loss of the funding.

  • Choice of the most favorable legal form, Ltd or other
  • Dealing with authorities
  • The elaboration of your business idea and the personal requirements are, without doubt, the central point of a start-up. However, what you need at the very beginning of the planning stage is professional advice in all matters not covered by your field of expertise, such as taxes, charges and fees, accounting, etc.
  • Take the time to thoroughly inform yourself about chances, but also about the risks you might face on the road to professional independence. You should have a clear understanding of your personal goals and aspirations.
  • Funding consultancy
niemlas ohne start up - stay up

payroll accounting

We assist you in carrying out the regular payroll accounting for your employees. When it comes to payroll accounting, comprehensive and constantly updated professional know-how are of the essence. Permanent changes in social insurance and labor law regulations, necessitate the constant professional training of our employees, as well as competent analysis of legislative changes. With the help of our qualified personnel, we guarantee the correct execution of your payroll accounting. Furthermore, we will provide you with qualified support in taking decisions related to labor law, advice you on cost-efficient recruitment of employees and draft figures allowing you to correctly estimate the personnel costs and taxes of your company.

On request, we also offer a service package tailored to your business.

  • Monthly salary and payroll accounting
  • Registration and deregistration of you employees
  • Administration of your staff records
  • Settlement of employee travel expenses
  • Generation of data carriers for transfers
  • Issuing of salary slips and certificates of employment
  • Transmission of pay slips at the end of the year
  • Issuing of the communal tax declaration
  • Preparation of a staff budgets
  • Transfer of annual reports to the authorities
  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Audit of wage dependent levies (GPLA)
  • Clarification of questions related to labor law


We assist you in the setting up, expansion and maintenance of an up-to-date accounting system and gladly take care of it within our office or, if you wish, also in your own business.

The accounting system is the nerve center of a company because it is the place where all the most important data come together. All these data provide information on how successful your performance really is. Those who analyze their numbers and figures will see the merits or undesirable trends faster and will thus be able to take the necessary measures. Monthly evaluations do not only serve tax authorities but, first and foremost, they are important planning and management tools. The optimal utilization thereof is our common goal.

On request, we also offer a service package tailored to your business.

  • Handling of your regular accounting
  • Monthly advance tax returns
  • Preparation of annual fiscal statements
  • Representation in turnover tax audits
  • Consultancy for the organization of your accounting system
  • IT- and organizational questions
  • Evaluation of key performance indicators
  • Regular evaluation of key figures
  • Cost accounting an controlling
  • Payment transactions
  • Dunning

funding consultancy - europe counselling

Our experts and consultants in Brussels always keep us up to date on current opportunities regarding EU-funding, as well as on the present level of exploitation thereof.

We provide advice on selecting the appropriate type of funding for your target area and support you in the preparation and submission of the required documents.

  • Selection of appropriate funding
  • Participation in EU-projects
  • Regular settlement of EU-projects (Cost statements etc.)
  • Preparation of submission documents
  • Financing

trustee services

As tax consultants, it is one of our responsibilities to advice you in asset management matters and to take on trustee services for you, if required.

  • Asset management
  • Establishment of and advisory services for foundations
  • Assumption of trusteeships

expert opinion

In all activities regarding businesses, particular importance is very often attributed to the expert judgment of accountants.

With a number of legally sworn and certified experts within the TREUHAND-UNION GROUP, we furnish private reports as well as legal expert opinions. In accordance with international standards, they are characterized by comprehensive and competent analysis of the circumstances, as well as objective gathering of facts.

Drawing up a private report often provides strategic and economical information. Take advantage of our extensive experience and the expert’s know-how in various areas.

We assist you in:

  • Expert opinion on corporate value
  • Legal expert opinions
  • Private reports
  • Expert opinion in criminal proceedings
  • Expert opinion in civil proceedings
  • Expert opinion on damage claims
  • Expert opinion on alimonies

terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions for tax consultants as amended apply to all services performed by the TREUHAND UNION.

Here you can download the current version of these terms and conditions:

Download terms and conditions 2011 [PDF]