More than 20 years ago, several tax consultants joined forces to establish the TREUHAND-UNION GROUP. Today about 50 tax consultants, thereof 16 auditors, 17 aspirants and 17 accountants, more than 237 employees in 21 firms across Austria advice over 7000 clients within a network of branches and partners, which constitutes a dynamic and nationwide unit.

TU Associates

Apart from a personal relation to our clients, our services are based on profound expertise. In addition to the experts of the individual offices, specialized knowledge from our national and international firms is made available to. With our knowledge of your personal circumstances, we are able to give optimal advice. The result is a customized tax plan within which you will find comprehensible proposals for solutions.

You will profit from our commitment to Universities and interest representatives. Good contacts to opinion leaders mean that the TREUHAND-UNION is always keeping pace with the times. We’ll inform you about developments of tomorrow already today. Thanks to our highly developed information system, the information required by you will arrive fast and easy.

TU Partners

The fundamental idea of the professional cooperation among tax consultants and auditors has consolidated and proven effective after tax law and all our other areas of responsibility have become increasingly complex. That is why the TREUHAND-UNION is always interested in establishing new partnerships with first-class colleagues throughout Austria. With our partner program we offer you professional and personal support, as well as access to various services.

We invite you to become a partner. Partner program

Network-exclusion: There is no network in the sense of the IWP PE19 between the TREUHAND-UNION and the TU PARTNERS since there is no profit or cost sharing, no shared property, no joint control, no common management, no common quality assurance and/or quality procedures, no shared business strategy, no joint brand (impression of a “one-firm”) and no significant share of common professional resources.

TU Partner international

If you do business on an international level, the TREUHAND-UNION also provides you with competent advise on cross-boarder issues. The TREUHAND-UNION is a member of NEXIA International, a professional network of accountants and auditors. The success of NEXIA International is based on the selective choice of locally, successfully established firms and the networking thereof. It is just that synergy that generates the high degree of commitment to our clients. The personal and individual care for your concerns is ensured also with our NEXIA partners.

In 2013, NEXIA International won the Rising Star Award for International Networks and supports you with profound expertise in 576 offices, with more than 24.000 employees worldwide.